The City Of Faith Church History

It was in the fall of 2009, that Rev. Adrian Wynn received divine instruction from God to organize a Church fellowship. One month later, the first Interest meeting was held in Humble, TX. Rev. Wynn used this time to impart the New Vision God had given him, and to announce the organization of The City Of Faith Church.
As the New Year of 2010 began, so did a new season in the life of Pastor Adrian Wynn and his family. The first official service of The City of Faith Church was held at the Country Inn & Suites in Humble, TX, January 3, 2010. There were 13 persons present, and the Holy Spirit was the main attraction. After 3 months of meeting in the Conference Room of the Country Inn & Suites; The City of Faith Church moved to it’s current location at 2590 Wilson Road. This became the new home of The City Of Faith. It was then, that “The City” gained more momentum, and started a weekly Bible Study each Thursday. On June 27, 2010, The City of Faith celebrated their “launch service.” This was a time of introduction and release into the community. Through weekly Bible study services, and evangelism efforts, The City of Faith church rapidly made their presence known in the Humble community.

The Vision of The City of Faith Church is to increase the faith of the world through the Word of God, to bring sinners to repentance, and saints to restoration. We are shaping our world by His Word and building up a city, a place of refuge, renewal, and R.E.H.A.B. An acronym meaning,Real Experience Helping All to Believe. A place of faith where there is a relevant Word for real people, a foundation for the family, and a formula to please the Father. We are called to increase the faith of God’s Children in order to revive the dying, rehabilitate the hurting, and restore the fallen. The City of Faith stands on 4 core values: Inspiring Worship, Innovative Ministry Methods, Intentional Development, and Integrated Spiritual /Social Progression.

Since the initial “launch service” of The City of Faith Church, the membership has doubled in size. The City now hosts a bi-weekly virtual Bible Study on Thursday nights. The service is made available via internet streamed live, and conference call. We believe that it is our responsibility to get the word of God to the masses; and use every opportunity to do so. This is the Season, this is the time. The City of Faith Church is here, and we are ready to change the World.

Pastor Adrian Wynn’s Biography

The road to R.E.H.A.B. came with many challenges for Adrian Wynn. The native Houstonian grew up in a home couched between two low-income project communities. Yet through all his struggles, frustration and even anger toward God, Adrian emerged an understanding, authentic and relevant pastor and life coach – deeply engaged in rehabilitating, restoring and reviving all who will receive him.

Pastor Wynn founded R.E.H.A.B. or “Real Example Helping All to Believe” services in 2009 to coin the idea that people who are spiritually rehabilitated will experience strength in other areas of their lives as well. R.E.H.A.B. services are held at The City of Faith, based in Humble, TX, and led by Pastor Wynn.

The quintessential leader of R.E.H.A.B., Pastor Wynn experienced firsthand the power of spiritual rehabilitation when he encountered a life-altering incident as a young man. A quick and serious glance into his future manhood persuaded him to finish school and join the Navy. After becoming well-traveled and well-versed while in the Navy, a new call presented itself; Adrian answered by accepting his call to preach.

He is now known across the nation as an enthused exhorter with exceptional gifts in biblical exposition, interpretation and proclamation. Adrian is not only an admirable instructor of the Holy Word but a committed life-long learner as well. He is currently working toward higher education in the study of Christianity and is studying at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary to enhance his God-given gift of preaching by adding more knowledge and historical facts to his foundation. After years of service on staff as Pastor of Worship, in 2009, he began leading his own ministry, where he emphasizes the practical application of scripture in efforts to rehabilitate an individual’s life in a way that fuels social progression.

Pastor Wynn boldly takes his ministry to the people rather than waiting on people to visit his ministry. He is very passionate about reaching the lost, hurt and unchurched and even created an “Evangelical Marathon” to encourage his members to share Christ. He also strongly believes in building relationships for advancement of the kingdom and has been known to use technology, partnerships and other modern tools and strategies to do so.

Pastor Wynn is a loving husband and devoted father, committed to leading his family according to the Word of God. With a strong belief that his first ministry is to his family, he applies his lessons to himself first. Then, of course, he takes every daily opportunity to be a “Real Example Helping All to Believe” – R.E.H.A.B.