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COF_LOGOHIGHmidsize1In Robert Brown’s poem “Paracelsus” a man is traveling toward a city, but it is surrounded by swirling mists.  He thinks that he must have taken a wrong road and lost his way.  But then the mist opens up for an instant and he glimpses the spires of the city in the distance.  Brown then pens this triumphant line:  “So long the city I desire to reach lay hid, When suddenly its spires afar flashed through the circling clouds, you may conceive my transport, Soon the vapors closed again, BUT I had seen the city!”

There is a priceless value in seeing a glimpse of your destination on the horizon.  As the visionary leader of The City of Faith Church I have seen a glimpse of The City, and Future looks amazingly bright.  
The City of faith Church’s vision is to Revive the dying, Rehabilitate the hurting, and Restore the fallen. Our long term plan to do that is by providing a church home that people can find Inspiring Worship, Innovative Ministry, Intentional Leadership Development, & Integrated spiritual-social progression.  Also, a dual Rehab facility that provides physical & mental rehabilitation services, along with Chemical dependance rehabilitation.  The City of Faith church also looks to establish and provide transitional living for families that are without a safe & stable place to live. We also endeavor to create an academy where children can come and receive secular as well as biblical instruction in order that we may impact the generation that is to come! It is vital that while reaching forward to the generation that is before us we do not fail to reach back to the generation that is behind us, in doing so we will create a hangout & huddle for people that are growing in grace!
It has been stated that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.  With that considered before we can effectively reach out to the world we must first reach up to God!  FInally, The focus and priority of The City of Faith Church for this season will be:
To Become a healthier church by implementing P.R.O.C.E.S.S. (Purposeful Reflection Of Christ’s Example for Sinners and Saints)
To Increase the capacity of our church through Leadership training.
And to increase the size of our church through our 30 for 30 program.
A vision is more than a dream-it is an ambitious view of the future that everyone involved can believe in, one that can realistically be achieved, yet one that offers a future that is better than what now exists.      WE DON’T WANT TO JUST HAVE CHURCH, WE WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD!

Let’s do it together!!!

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