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BACKSLIDING is a term used within the Christian community to describe a process by which an individual that has converted to Christianity reverts to their old way of life. Backsliding, traditionally is characterized as an unintentional act however, I make a motion that from now on we view it as either an act of non-commitment or an act reflecting a lack of preparation. The decision to deny yourself, pick up your cross, and follow Jesus is and in fact a three part process.


• Deny myself/flesh- Understand that in my flesh dwells no good thing. There is always something in my flesh longing to have control. IT IS NOT THE DEVIL, IT IS MY FLESH. You can’t conquer it until you know that you are at war against it. Your flesh is with you all day everyday and it is constantly begging for your attention. The best way to weaken your flesh is by strengthening your spirit. If you spend time in the Word of God and time around the people of God you find the instruction on how to live and you have people that hold you accountable of your actions and your lifestyle.


• Pick up my cross- This is usually the point where a preacher would say that the cross is heavy enough to carry by itself, and in order to carry it you need to lay down things, but might I submit that maybe that is the reason we have so many people that believe in Jesus but are not following Him. Maybe we have gotten stuck on part 2 of the process. If that’s your issue allow me to remix it for you today, instead of laying down things to pick up the cross why not lay them on the cross. The cross is a necessary part of the process. If you lay your issues on the cross it shows the world the transparency that they need to see. I am saved but I have some struggles! My agenda each day is to crucify my struggles so that everyone can see that following Jesus is about progression not perfection. We have scared away some and confused others by portraying perfection, then dropping the ball.


• Follow Jesus- Only after you have whole-heartedly denied your flesh, and willingly picked up your cross can you really follow Jesus. It requires you to completely abort any plan B. If you have made the decision to follow Jesus make sure that you burn the boats that crossed you over to salvation. That way you understand that this side of salvation is where you have resolved to stay. My objective is to keep progressing until I look like Jesus and though it may take some time, sacrifice, struggle, and perhaps even some pain, I am committed to living for the one that died for me! No BS! (No Backsliding)

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