You Do Something!

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You Do Something!

Exodus 14:15




Exodus 14:15 KNJV And the Lord said to Moses, “Why do you cry to me? Tell the children of Israel to Go forward.




The Critical Question: How do I get unstuck?


The Proposition: Recognize the value of the things that are already in my possession.



  1. Don’t let the pressure of criticism cause you to forget what got you here.
    1. The Biblical Principle: Moses is in a tight spot. Israel thinks that Moses got them there, in actuality is was them that got him there! (Their cries came up before the Lord.)
    2. The Practical Idea: When things are not going according to the plan the first thing that people do is criticize the plan/planner. Their criticism doesn’t devalue what God told you!
    3. Philosophy: Feel free to critique my plan, but don’t forget you didn’t have one when I got here. -Adrian Wynn



  1. When everyone else wants to retreat, you remain resolved!
    1. The Practical Idea:
    2. The Biblical Principal: He that has began a good work in me, shall complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.



  1. You cannot delegate this deliverance. You’ve got to use your own hands.
    1. The Practical Idea: When the pressure is on, I won’t wait on anyone else to do for me what God has equipped me to do for myself.
    2. The Biblical Principal: Up to this point every time that Moses has had to use his Rod, he would tell Aaron to stretch it out or use in in some way, but this time he has to use his own hands.





Author: Pastor Adrian Wynn